Lesotho: New money transfer laws for financial institutions

15 May



The Central Bank of Lesotho (CBL) has released the Financial Institutions Money Transfer Regulations for the year 2014, APA can report Wednesday.According to a statement released by the bank, the regulations seek to clarify procedures of registering, licensing and supervising the country’s money transfer institutions, in an effort to ensure more control of the sector.

Under the regulations, the Commissioner, among others, shall have the power to declare certain business practices undesirable, inspect the premises of the money transfer institutions, issue directives and take preventive measures against institutions, the statement said.

The regulations also mandate money transfer business institutions to establish procedures for preventing money-laundering and financing terrorist activities.

The new laws, the statement further noted, are intended to improve the soundness, integrity and stability of the system of money transfer and confidence in the financial sector.


Diamonds are a girls best Friend…

7 May

Tammy and Lord Neil Gibson

Tammy Lier Gibson at a Gala Diamond Event in Las Vegas Nevada



Image Tammy at the fountain at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas Nevada Image Tammy Lier Gibson with Steven G Schorr

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Belize Politics Go International

8 Mar

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Rarely does political drama play out on an international stage, and it is usually relegated to

small, local elections that only the residents of some small town or city would be interested in.

Recently Las Vegas and one of it’s residents has been thrust into the international spotlight

through the internet and social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and various blogs. Lord Neil

B Gibson, the Las Vegas based businessman, developer and international finance figure has

rocketed into the fiery discussions that are taking place in the country of Belize, specifically

regarding an election for the position of Standard Bearer in the Cayo South Constituency Area.

Social media, news outlets and radio have been awash with discussion regarding the election of

businessman Ralph Huang to this position, and conspiracy theories abound as to the

connection he has to Lord Neil B Gibson. Accusations of corruption have already been made

only days after the election from the opposing party, and a large-scale smear campaign has

begun to play out on the global stage with regards to Mr. Huang, Mr. Gibson and the future of

Belizian governmental positions.

Interesting spins on the situation are being presented through such media outlets as Channel 5

Belize, 7 News Belize and the associated Youtube Channels of each station. Many local blogs

have also taken to the internet in an attempt to drum up the suspects of corruption with regards

to the relationships that Lord Neil B Gibson has with both Huang and other Belizian

governmental officials. The majority of the coverage centers around the fact that Mr. Huang has

admitted that Gibson both contributed to his campaign and also supported his election. The

coverage being presented is amaturish at best in it’s attempts to stir up controversy, as the

press releases, posts and announcements that can be found both on the official business

websites of Neil Gibson as well as his business websites and social media have never

attempted to make even the slightest hiding of his contributions and support. Gibson went as far

as to create professional videos distributed on Youtube endorsing Huang and touching on the

reasons he believes Huang was right for the job. Gibson has also shown a long track record of

complete transparency with regard to his interest in Belizian development projects, going as far

as to publicly promote the ongoing developments attached to each potential project in Belize on

his network or websites and press.

The levels of transparency with regard to Lord Neil B Gibson’s interests in Belize are far beyond

those typically put forth by any business entity. A quick perusal of the news sections of his

websites show postings regarding Belizian development interests, with postings on the subject

going back to October of 2013. Additionally, completely transparent postings on the subject of

endorsements and campaign contributions go back to early January as seen here: http://


All of the websites and Youtube videos across Gibson’s network openly discuss the subject of

his endorsement of Huang, and never is their relationship attempted to be covered up in any

regard. So the question of corruption should be addressed, except possibly it should be directed

at other entities aside from Lord Neil Gibson and Ralph Huang. Possibly we should be looking

into why media outlets and bloggers in Belize are so aggressively attempting to make the

relationship between two businessmen into an issue, when the entire situation played out on the

world stage through the internet in a completely documented manner. If there were any issue

that should be covered up involving Lord Neil Gibson and Belizian governmental officials, then

why would they be posing for pictures together that are widely distributed on the internet? If

there were cover-ups happening, then why is the credited sources of all of the photographs that

are being distributed in association to the “scandal” stories of Gibson posing with Belizian

politicians being taken directly from Gibson’s websites? If there was a cover-up happening,

wouldn’t the transparency of the relationships actually be covered up by the parties involved?

Corruption happens in government all the time, and Belize is no stranger to it. Corruption is bad

for all people who are touched by it, and should be exposed at all costs. However, the definition

of corruption is not about a business man contributing to another business man’s campaign to

run for office, and the fact that one business man lives in Las Vegas and the other in Belize is

also not part of the definition. Corruption is about a lack of transparency as to the source of

money or influence with regards to projects. Perhaps we should consider the sources of the

smear campaign against Gibson, and how they are attempting to twist facts to create doubts at

to his motivations. Perhaps it is not Gibson and Huang who should be mentioned with regard to

transparency as far as political funding sources….perhaps they should be used as a model for

the necessary change.


Tammy Lier Gibson with Evander Holyfield and Peter Lik

17 Feb

Tammy Lier Gibson with Evander Holyfield and Peter Lik


1 Feb


The race for Deputy Party Leader of the United Democratic Party is soon to enter the home stretch leg with the finish line set for February 17th.  Two of the ruling UDP Ministers have entered their names contesting the seat of Deputy Party Leader, the second most powerful seat within the party’s hierarchy.  It is widely known that the one that holds the DPL’s seat is the chosen one to also be the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Belize.  Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Party Leader of the UDP Gaspar Vega has been challenged by Minister of Education Patrick Faber.


Both men have been canvasing the 31 constituencies and visiting with the delegates in efforts to garner support for their candidacy. Faber has publicly gone on record stating that he believes he can do a much better job at the post of Deputy Party Leader than the current holder.  Well, in what has been dubbed as the game changer, Prime Minister of Belize and Leader of the UDP went on record stating that he does not support Minister of Education Patrick Faber.  Barrow said and we quote, “I have said that while Minister Faber is, I think, an extremely well-qualified and able minister, while I think that he has a glorious leadership future in the United Democratic Party, at this time, and for this contest, I do not support him, end of story.” And that’s also the end of the quote.


Barrow went on to say that one of the major reasons for Faber not being his choice at this moment is because of Faber’s skin color and geographic location within Belize.  Barrow says that the hierarchy of the Party must be equally distributed to the districts along with a diverse composition of ethnicities.  Well, our editor here at CTV-3 news takes that to mean that the UDP Leader and Prime Minister of this country has decided to endorse looks over brains.  If the reasons for his decision are solely based on ethnicity and geographic location, Belize is in for some darker days ahead.  Leadership should not be about how one looks or where they are from, but rather, how they lead.  But that’s for another story on another day.


While Faber does not count on the support of UDP Leader Dean Barrow, he does count on the support of several big wig names within the party.  Former Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel, Dean Lindo and Mesopotamia Representative and Senior member of the party Michael Finnegan,  have all come out in full support of Patrick Faber’s bid for Deputy Party Leader.  Dean Barrow’s support for Vega struck through the political circuits of the UDP as hard hitting as a chess player saying Check.  It will be interesting to see if this move was not one of the flexing of the political muscle by Barrow who is sending a message to the rank and file of the Party; what that message is, we are sure to find out in the days ahead.


Also in the race for Cayo south which is predicted to be a good one, is Ralph Huang which will be determined on February 16th of 2014 at Roaring Creek.



Lord Gibson and Associates back Ralph Huang for the UDP and Belize Elections

4 Jan

The Following endorsement has been released by Lord Neil B Gibson and Associates.

January 3, 2014

To Whom This May Concern

Re: Mr. Ralph Huang for Stander Bearer Political Endorsement

Our business organizations would honorably like to declare our political and financial support of Mr. Ralph Huang’s candidacy for the position of Stander Bearer in Cayo South Constituency Area representative Slated Convention United Democratic Party in Belize.

In these last five years, our organizations have worked closely with Ralph Huang in business and financial ventures. We have found Ralph to be an extremely strong professional with an extensive range of understanding of Belize, on economic impact values.

Ralph Huang is trustworthy, honest and dedicated in investing precious hours required for this governmental position. Our organizations are confident that Ralph is the only deserving candidate for this office.

Furthermore, our organizations have had ample opportunities in the last 5-years to analyze our future economic benefits and objectives of the various economic executions into the country of Belize. We have found Ralph’s honest insight and practical approach for future country growth, with our country’s desire to invest into Belize.

This distinction sets him apart from the other individual’s that we have dealt with in the past, to ensure our organizations future commitment to execute our organizations’ to invest into the country of Belize. Ralph Huang has shown great concern for the residents of the community and the willingness to listen to people’s problems and challenges which is commendable.

Again, we are writing today to show our allegiance and support of Ralph Huang and his campaign. It will also be an honor to spread the word of Ralph’s candidacy, abilities and competence with other global business networks to support Ralph.

We are confident that Ralph Huang will succeed and bring the Country of Belize the global

economic growth the country needs to strive forward.


SFBBL TRUST AG www.sfbblag.com

LNBG, LLC (USA) www.lnbgllc.com

CITYWIDE LENDING GROUP www.citywidelgi.com

HULET AND ASSOCIATES scott@hulet.net

FOR EVERY SEASON INSURANCE www.foreveryseason.biz

LORD NEIL B GIBSON www.lordgibson.co.uk


Belize To Get State Of The Art Hospitals Through Lord Neil Gibson

11 Dec

LNBG LLC and Lord Neil Gibson have received positive support from the Belizian government in the form of a letter from Hon Erwin Contreras of the Ministry of Trade, Investment Promotion, Private Sector Development & Consumer Protection Agency of Bel

PRLog (Press Release) – Dec. 10, 2013 – LAS VEGAS — LNBG LLC and Lord Neil Gibson have received positive support from the Bleizian government in the form of a letter from Hon Erwin Contreras of the Ministry of Trade, Investment Promotion, Private Sector Development and Consumer Protection Agency of Belize, pledgine government assistance where possible to advance an ongoing initiative to bring quality medical care to the people of Belize.  The project is an ambitious one, attempting to bring western medical knowledge and equipement to state of the art hospitals to be built within the country.

“The Government and I are in full support of LNBG, LLC in their vision and efforts to help build  new state of the art medical centers in different areas of Belize for the best service for our people’s health and welfare,” Contreras stated in the letter. “We are ready, willing and able to work with you closely in this program to advance our medical centers with new technologies, US equipment and new facilities,”Contrares stated in the communication.

“Governmental support can make or break a project like this one,” Lord Neil Gibson stated in a recent interview.  “Without the alliance of the government there is little that private entities can actually accomplish.  We appreciate all the support the Belizian government has shown us, and we are confident the project will see completion as a result of these relationships.”

LNBG LLC plans to utilize it’s extensive network of relationships and access to resources and capital to construct the facilities in an ongoing manner, bringing much needed advancements in medicine to the area.

Erwin Contreras and Lord Neil B Gibson meet in Las Vegas

Erwin Contreras and Lord Neil B Gibson meet in Las Vegas

Phillip Prichard